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Download Textbook of Pediatrics – 7th edition free pdf

Textbook of Pediatrics – 7th edition free pdf download

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Textbook of Pediatrics – 7th edition

This title is a complete, evidence-based reference of general pediatrics written by 150 experts from all over the world. The contents cover children’s health needs and problems in the developing as well as the developed world, with an emphasis on prevention as well as treatment. It is the ideal international reference source for pediatricians and family doctors throughout the world.

  • The text is readable, clear and informative, with information firmly grounded in the latest clinical evidence and trials
  • Strong evidence base to text – as shown in the comprehensiveness of the references at the end of each chapter – these sections are unmatched by any other book
  • Editorial team of 4 editors (one new for this edition) work together as a team to ensure that the information is consistent in quality, style and level
  • Over 500 illustrations, with an invaluable colour section that includes pictures of eye conditions, rashes, histology, and blood diseases
  • Comprehensive index ensures that information can be found quickly and easily
  • Written with a world-wide audience in mind and aimed at the practitioners – pediatricians and family medicine doctors – working in the community as well as the hospital setting
  • Expansion of information on adolescents, allergy, prescribing and genetics – in keeping with the latest developments in these fast-changing area
  • International dimension enhanced, with particular focus on children’s diseases in the developing world – an unique asset since too many textbooks ignore or devote little space to developing world problems
  • Includes many new expert contributors drawn from the worldwide community of pediatricians – in particular from Europe, Africa and Asia
  • New chapter on the epidemiology of disease in developing countries
  • New, tighter style and presentation – as comprehensive as ever, but with a more modern, crisper style
  • International Advisory Panel of experts from around the world – new to this edition
  • Online version of complete text and illustrations available with purchase of the book – makes the book accessible wherever there is an internet connection

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Download Textbook of Pediatrics – 7th edition free
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Ebook Textbook of Pediatrics – 7th edition pdf Free Download
[PDF] Download Ebook Textbook of Pediatrics – 7th edition Free

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